Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

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RPL is an assessment process that helps you obtain your desired qualification based on merits and experiences you may have gained throughout your life. 

If you are able to provide evidence demonstrating your skills and abilities, you may be eligible to get your qualification through RPL. Relevant experience (whether gained here in Australia or overseas) can be from your workplace activities, voluntary work or internships. Any existing qualifications or evidence of prior study can also help contribute towards your desired qualification.


The 4-step RPL Process

Get qualified in 4 simple steps

Skills Check


We check your initial eligibility via a FREE skills check to match your skills with the right qualification.

Evidence Portfolio


Gather and submit all necessary evidence documents required by the RTO to start processing your application. All evidence must be genuine, valid and sufficient.

Evidence Review & Assessment


A qualified assessor from our partner RTO will review your evidence. Assessors may contact you for any additional evidence, if required. There are competency interviews and often practical observations.



If the evidence review is successful and you are deemed competent for all the relevant units, the qualification is issued.

We refer students to our partner RTOs (Registered Training Organisation) who have qualified assessors to help convert your existing skills and knowledge into a nationally recognised qualification. While the steps mentioned above are applicable in all cases, each RTO has their own rules and guidelines on how they gather evidence and process client applications. Harbour Education does not provide any qualification and is not responsible for the RPL outcome of a client.


Benefits of RPL

Save Time

Completing a qualification often take months, even years to complete. RPL can help you get qualified in a couple of weeks, given there is no gap training required.

Save Money

RPL helps you acquire a nationally recognised qualification in less than a third of the course price.

No classes and exams

Avoid face to face study and exams (unless gap training required). Moreover you would save the textbook and study material costs as well.

Professional Development

Target better pay rates and higher wage rewards.

Licensing and Business

Gaining qualifications can help you start your own business and also help obtain your desired licenses and work permits.

Improved Career Pathways

Showcase your competencies and open up pathways to desired jobs in your preferred industry.

Immigration and Visa

A nationally recognised qualification may help you apply for certain Australian visas.

Credit Transfer & Exemptions

Use your existing qualifications to contribute towards your new one. Additionally also take advantage of credit exemptions when pursuing higher studies.